Monday, March 13, 2023

There never ever was problem in me in respect to Princess Bajrakitiyabha - Princess Bajrakitiyabha had me waste 30 years of life for Putin sake

I am witness of Putin meeting Western leaders and her father for no less than 26 years during which they frequently met inside of this house.

According to my memories, I always was interested in her. She, however, had with her father "coma" scenario ready for war in Ukraine - it was and is nothing other than London's school of timing. A waste of time. Putin's bride via Berlin. This sort of stuff was and is used to waste one's time till danger gets bye - thats all. A tactical move they delayed and delayed  and activated per convenience. Her lonely public profile doesn't fit reality. Her godfather was and is none other than Narendra Modi who was the right hand of her father King Maha Vajiralongkorn during trips to our house in Slovenia where they begun to meet since 1995. Its a private club because of which I ended up eating cans and wasting my life on lunacy for which they took no responsibility whatsoever.

She complained about my having problems with her looks - I never did. Next to numerous men who admired her beauty, she faked in my face about stated....her father King Maha Vajiralongkorn painted on picture also her sister, but next to two also scenarios how nothing ever came out(with Putin pushing already his garbage on picture and so on - Modi had his scenario how I will instead or after relation with her come instead to India) of it which was supported with a lots a lots of ugly stuff done to me in their surroundings - same as London with exactly zero love involved playing victims(Princess Sirivannavari had her fiance ready since 2012 - why not marrying one - a chronical issue with so many other daughters of  autocrats involved)

As for Princess Bajrakitiyabha's coma - Thai royals contemplated(brainwashed me with) on one since 2010. Thats a long long time...took them(TO ME) no less than 13 years and look at the miracle - during war in Ukraine...autocrats thirsty for war support one another. They even sign fighter jets transactions based on was common to hear them saying I cite, "will sell you this and that if you will have conflict with that one - if ntohing else to distract during major operation seller needed to realise his plan"....its a business and they can make one even disappear for life.

If nothing would come out, King Maha Vajiralongkorn had other Thai females ready to take over - his specialty was to ambush males inside of motels using females...Putin(frequent guest in Thailand) alone learned how from him. Its a business I have to STOP SHORT. Thailand never ever will get to see me. Thank you so much but no thanks.

Sri Lanka and Myanmar are next...


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