Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Bajrakitiyabha(Thai ambassador to Slovenia) apparently dated Colonel Paritat Bunnag due to his facial Indian looking features(so that she could approximate more to me is what she claimed)

And the grandma on wheelchair was to be used for me to get used to her face as the two were lookalike - used to also possibility seeing her on wheelchair(something that turned my brain for 360 degrees since its what I was threatened with since 1995 and she went on to even state me how I cite, "they will do to me")...
@Bajrakitiyabha - I like Colonel Paritat Bunnag, but if you are still willing to meet me I do like to know from you....Colonel Paritat Bunnag stressed me all sorts of issues and to me one is a valuable individual/valuable human being whose views are not less important than those of you or mine...father Maha obviously listens Nirvana a bit too much - get him some Polka(no, not really - really not but still better) instead...and if you will be doing jumping without parachute(YOU WILL NEVER EVER SEE A PARACHUTE AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE TIME IF YOU BECOME MINE SOMEHOW - EVER), take me along...

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