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Singapore's Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan CAN tell about myself and Thai king's ex wife Princess Soamsawali

Princess Soamsawali approached me on behalf and with full approval of Thai king(small "k") Maha Vajiralongkorn with marital proposition.
Because I was crazy about Minister Vivian Balakrishnan's wife is how - crazy since 1995. Well, Princess Soamsawali looked exactly like his wife Joy

Balakrishnan. Singapore's Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan was sooooo afraid of competition(ME MYSELF) that he made to his wife Joy FOUR CHILDREN !!! Both were and are great looking couple involved since 1995 with myself perhaps even a bit gay at the time...for what is written here, Princess Soamsawali threatened me with how am done for good(I repeat "NO NO NO NO NO")...
Princess Soamsawali was a replica of Joy Balakrishnan when young I was tutored and willing to loose weight for me...

Princess Soamsawali is a mother of my beloved hijacker Princess Bajrakitiyabha....cousin of king(notice please small "k" is used) Maha Vajiralongkorn who held four day funeral for his beloved puddle dog in 2015....

Another lady I hit all the time on was Empress Masako(he he he)....her very nice husband, however, never wanted to tell me who she was when I repeatedly asked one and same as with Joy case was once I started to flirt, I was removed from picture...Joy Balakrishnan, however, probably was the baddest MK Ultra babe in entire Asia...

For everything I state, facts are behind me and easy to find...

@Empress Masako - I saw you and now I know who...

Looks like South Korean Panther 2 tank, but is not...Princess Soamsawali is all soft on inside. She, however, never made it with sooo much promised revenge - I even wished for one and nothing...

End of the article...

Thai king Maha knew all about my observing Soamaswalli a bit intimidating me with her looks and he liked it...he immediately saw that as her talent and begun to exploit under MK Ultra...2.5 years is what he decided I will spent in jail upon my arrival to Thailand...and on next MK Ultra meeting upon my arrival he added number to two more to two and half years and on next to six month more and so on till one according to his words realised I will never made it out of his Thai jail and therefore never marry his daughter...visit to Thailand sure wouldn't pay me off. Then he begun to wonder why I do not observe one in media....started to wonder why somehow I never see him in media...special kinds of humour heh....

Never laugh in Thailand in his face or abroad if you do like to visit Thailand in the future(not even under MK Ultra not) - so is what I was told but also felt on my skin....

For Joy Balakrishnan I was told inside of this room that I can meet her, but that I will have to swim very very far...on my question how far infront of laptop, everyone laughed...still, he made her 4 children :)))))

As for Thai royal family - this never was not ever will be world of mine of any kind...slavery that ended for good. I suggest Thai king to get as a royal husband to his daughters some politician who was treated with dignity/ human respect - preferably of German or Dutch origins if they prefer non Thai or Asian...maybe Donald Trump has nephew you can use or something.
Don't know anything about Hitler https://www.newmandala.org/rama-vii-and-hitler/

Found some old photos at https://www.eliteplusmagazine.com/home/content/1332/7#gsc.tab=0 which King Maha alone demonstrated me inside of this very room. 

On the auspicious occasion of Her Royal Highness' Birthday Anniversary on July 13th, 2021. Elite Plus Online joins the people of the Kingdom of Thailand in wishing Her Royal Highness' Princess Soamsawali Krom Muen Suddhanarinatha for good health, happiness, Longevity and prosperity.


Princess Soamsawali was born on July 13, 1957, at Guy's Hospital in London, United Kingdom. Her father was an elder brother of Queen Sirikit and her mother is The lady Bandhu Savali Yugala and she was the eldest child, her younger sister was Mom Luang Sarali Kitiyakara or Khun Namphung (she was an actress and moderator).

The meaning of H.R.H. name of Soamsawali means the descent from the moon.

Princess Soamsawali was first to attend the primary level at Chittralada school, then moved to Chiang Mai with her father when he was going to be a judge at the Chiang Mai Court. Then, Princess Soamsawali moved to study at Regina Coeli College, the all-girls academy in Chiang Mai in 1967. About 2 years later, her father moved back to Bangkok. Then the princess has to move to study at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School for a while. But with the inconvenience of delivering her to the school then again she has to move to study at Queen's School because it was the same route that went to his father's workplace.

Princess Soamsawali was married at the age of 19 on 3 January 1977 with her first cousin, Maha Vajiralongkorn (The only son of King Bhumibol Adulyadej or King Rama 9th). After the marriage, her official title becomes Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, Royal Consort of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand.

After that, H.R.H. Soamsawali had one daughter with Maha Vijiralongkorn, Princess Bajrakitiyabha (She was born on 7 December 1978 at Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall, Dusit Palace in Bangkok).

Later, H.R.H. Soamsawali was the divorce from Maha Vajiralongkorn in 1991. She got her new title on 12 August 1991, her official full title became Phra Worarachathinatdamat, which means the Mother or Princess of the King's First Grandchild. She thus retained her title as the princess and remains a member of the Thai royal family.

H.R.H. Soamsawali has performed many functions on behalf of the royal household. She has shown a keen interest in public health and social welfare. The following Thai Red Cross Society programs are under her patronage:

1. The "Reducing AIDS Infection from Mother to New-Born Baby" Programme.

2. Medical Funding for AIDS patients.

3. Funding for Reducing AIDS infection from Mother to the New-Born Baby.

4. Milk funds for infants under the "Reduce AIDS effects from Mother to the New-Born Baby" Program.

5. The Foundation of Professor Dr. Mom Rajawongse Galyanakit Kitiyakara.

6. The Program of Life Giving to the Parents of AIDS-infected Babies.

7. Funds for Cancer Treatment in Children

8. The Princess Pa Foundation

More pictures;

May It Please Your Royal Highness,

The Team and staffs of Elite Plus Online.

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