Wednesday, March 8, 2023

As for Bajrakitiyabha, you are welcome here in Slovenia

 but as for your father, he made AGAIN a bad choice with Slovenian police and psychiatrist. I will not let one get away with it. Anyhow, follow you heart whatever is that you are up too. 

Your father had sister handled in similar manner just as yourself as you know(involved one too and just like yourself she too had to go through this and that, and what even took in 2017 inside of our house with lalala about where you will go where I will endup lalala is too much).

She is 34 and you are 44 and your father is a lunatic who had 1000+ females to himself. Doors are opened for you 24/7 as for your father, its time he pays respect to laws. I will not let one get away with it. 

@Bajrakitiyabha - I took nothing hard to my heart in respect to you. I don't think you know what life is about and thats not a sin. 

@Maha Vajiralongkorn - you know, Bajrakitiyabha told me you will remove her for a slightest thing I will say about you and thats okay with me because she is only she and can only be she on Thailand(sad when considering fact about making her disappear at any time, but still better than absolutely nothing as the case was up to date) - as for elsewhere else, its you(she can be wherever, but its you who draws her moves). You will be you regardless, but I know what to do with uncles like you. I will get you on court, and you are not gonna like it. This is not MK Ultra - its reality.

How was it under MK Ultra !!????

I had to ask for a single thing 100 just for answers to be like "yes, but right now we have to lalala"....

How is in real life with people like this !!????

Example: Dad I need table....answer, "yes daughter, but right now I need you to do this and that...."

And it goes like this and it went like this regarding husband till something bad doesn't happen - visible mental problems won't even solve most serious and severe issues of life importance as for as long it can be taken advantage off, it will go on...

As for table I used as an example, it goes on till something doesn't pop up visible(argument from victim who have no right to argument in front of his/her patron) so more advantage can be taken of victim as form of punishment usually played through suggesting one false character on what not one single table is waiting in room, but instead ten or more tables....Its a London school of mental b.s....this alternative assignments that have advantage of most important life matters, become often times over course of time so toxic that victims usually no longer want to mention(pursue) their needs. 

For as long as Germans finance, forget it as a human being one has no value in such circumstances and is instead destined for waste....

Its like this in Thailand because no one dares to state for what it is and its like this in Thailand because Germans encouraged inside of the EU as ok nothing to worry....@Angela Merkel - won't be like that any longer with you and your "feminism"(on one side like this and on other please take care her she is blah blah situation). I would even say feminism per convenience, but all in all you are no feminist in absolutely any way frau Merkel and goes even more so to Von Der Layen.

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