Sunday, March 19, 2023

Beginning in 2015, however, Bajrakitiyabha requested in my face in Thailand would like to have my baby

Real estate company in Slovenia that would be used for two of us to stay alive....and so I have to be honest about it and welcome her and her family(mom Soamsawali and her sister Sirivannavari and others) back with exception to her farther and his money(I deem one as insane)She is back in my heart and welcome. Little Thai heartbreaker. I will not talk to anyone without her on picture. Bajrakitiyabha is everything when it comes to Thailand. She is Thailand. 

Real estate company was a DESPERATE Slovenian state conspiracy product from how I saw and continue to see one as, but her words to me beginning in 2015 were real.(Slovenia will not buy its way out other than through prosecution to highest degree....Thailand, however, might even escape her in honour)....

As for father Maha Vajiralongkorn, I really can't hate him(never did despite everything), but he has his unpredictable moments - he did committed crime in my case and offended his own Gods...

It appears Bajrakitiyabha 's 1995/1996 and since was true to me.

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