Tuesday, March 28, 2023

My Baayrakittyaabha went on to dream about parachuting herself on our Novo mesto house IF as she stated "I would want her"(obviously marry her)

Because Slovenian side begun upon learning about her parachuting, assert possibilities of such sport in Slovenia and took her to some locations (Gorenjska I anticipate where I was briefly gestured such acts) where possibly did just that...

@Bajrakityabha - after watching video about your jumping from plane, I never ever want to even see a parachute. My dream of sky diving with wingsuit and parachuting is over. It ended for good. Please come as you are(I would love to have you), but don't do that stuff to me as I dislike one - I even told you durig MK Ultra that I will go and do wing suit jumping if you will risk parachuting.

@king Maha - your only other choice left can be seen bellow....

You can be a baby sitter or face ICC....up to you now. There is more seat in the back also for your lady of choice but thats it(or you get you Soamsawali back whom I like very much anyways)

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