Friday, March 24, 2023

@Princess Bajrakitiyabha - WILL YOU EVER MANAGE TO grow over your father and mothers' stupidity and reach out in quest for your right to pursue life as was meant for you to be as !!?????

If yes, door is still open for you and/or if not, I wish you all the best and good luck. Either way, I will not push any criminal charges against you nor your family. You are excellent couch jumper, so I though that the two of us would

try something "crazy" in a totally "normal" world as it can be seen in Ukraine and from case of my own. And we will get you neoprene suit for swimming in Krka river and/or will have you swim in bathtub if still too cold...will warm up your heart with special touches to great details so one will never loose its colour of flame...what you say ?

You already served your father and country as you stated me must...

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