Wednesday, March 15, 2023

WE LOVE THAILAND: I was not always nice to Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn, but I had good(strong) reasons for not to be

 He did something extremely bad(directly) to me in 1998 and 1999 when in Thailand on his private task behind his father's knowledge/back to prove father how I am no good and how I actually dislike Thailand - Maha was certain my being a CIA agent and the worst one ever(the most secretive and most

qualified and most dangerous CIA agent ever - claimed me even how he already uncovered other CIA agents and sure enough will get me too - it didn't bother me as I was sure he will learn how I am not CIA agent and most likely will like me even more for that matter)..and second, Slovenian police have with authorisation of British used silicone mask of prince William on one occasion during which police officer(I had no idea at the time, but it became obvious as Thai king complained to British upon their arrival to Slovenia where they met with others - 2008) claimed me prior to arrival of Thai king how Thai king have complained to him about my
misbehaviour(my being bad with Thai king Maha what made no sense specially because I kept silent about abuse that went on for many many years in his palace alone) what maddened me...I, however, attentively listed to his rage in my face and took close note in respect to "complain" against me made supposedly by Thai king - same guy as it became evident to me in Slovenia when told in face about complain as to guy who started his private torture in 1998 in Thailand - none other than Maha in that case. 

This SAME TYPE OF incident took place on several occasions beginning 2004(last time in 2008 - appears one went unnoticed by Maha for several years). and perhaps as early as in 2002 - Novo mesto police investigator who frequently travelled to Thailand was used and some other fluent in English individual whom Novo mesto police have used. When Thai king showed up for occasion, he got a havoc of the life time that went on relentlessly till one no longer could psychologically cope with my abusing him and I aimed as a tip(climax) of our meeting also what have had turned even into physical confrontation what left him confused - disturbed(I grabbed him at near Žihovo selo and threw him against the floor determined to settle also bills from the past, but Slovenian police saved him on time)...abuse in Thailand was okay in my head even that one was not okay as Thai kings should have learned already long ago I was okay - still, abuse didn't stop and went on and I kept silent about one, but once Thai king in my eyes begun to complain to British prince William about my misbehaviour, I evidently have lost my mind. I really didn't like British and it became evident to me, I begun to hate them as early as in 2008. Yes, I could cope with Thai abuse, but couldn't deal with possibility of them complaining to British...quite interesting.

Upon arrival of British, it became evident that Slovenian police was using silicone mask of prince William but Slovenian police never ever used silicone masks from high foreign authorities without their consent of which some was done even over the internet was told.

Well, King Maha learned on occasion I definitely was not CIA operative. I am sure he never ever doubted me about my being part of secret CIA operation. Theeeeen King Maha father of my Bajrakitiyabha became nooooo gooooodddd in my face infront of his little girl and have retaliated in my face on million occasions infront of her how she must be careful with me around me and this and that....that I am unpredictable and and so on and so forth SOOOOOOO NOT TRUTH !!!! His little girl what else - blamed me for being aggressive and so on...tough love !!! 

As you see, I had a very special way to deal with people from MK ULTRA COMPLAIN DEPARTEMT !!!

Every one claimed how I treated royals in a different was that regular mortals...not exactly truth, but specifically yes.

Nope, little girl never really forgave me for incident and I paid price higher than if I would shut myself in Bajrakitiyabha was gone of the picture for good - hello suffering and pain that begun to follow me everywhere that I was taken - internationally...she wouldn't take her eyes and HANDS of me for like 5 years or so on what one day she told me that I paid price, but that if I ever commit something like this tralalala

I will tell you exactly how it was and who it was...this MK Ultra business with with Thai royal family left me in too many ways to count broken.


Slovenian police officers who created mess were thanked...thanked infront of me by Thai king - royals...used police officers who created crime as an example of well behaved good people in my face. Nice. And continued after few years(he resented me, not that he would fear me as was his fold he knew but resented me - very stubborn man) to AGAIN even sleep next to me in peace - worry free and pleased to have me around(he felt safer next to me than next to body guards even that those tried their best to prove me and him wrong)...and thats your real Thai king and real daughter of his.

Updated next day on March 16th, 2023:
@Bajrakitiyabha - nope, it was not a police officer who saved your father....I was the one who just gave one a lesson and to small police officer who accompanied us and couldn't do against me anything to protect your father...small police(was not even so small, but slow to act and affraid) officer was consequently removed after being reprimanded. 

Off course, Novo mesto police(now director Janez Ogulin) orchestrated same day with your father another attack on me by using both police officers who travelled from Slovenia to Thailand to improve impression about what took place...attack then expanded on me for a week by using both police officers who occasionally would during torture assault me physically(drugge up guy - nice heh)

Your father triggered CIA's suspicion(fat tall guy) in 1999/2000 about one engaging possibly in illegal activities against CIA operatives abroad due to stated above and they begun to investigate one. Nope, I never ever would hurt your father lol which is something you and your father should know(but don't - you do, and based on my goodwill you were more than willing to take more advantage against me for the sake of those in Slovenia who wanted to destroy me) not even your Thai bodyguards could state if same was done to them. As for people from abroad - forget it.





You can FREELY post and share for free anywhere in the world, but without the right to charge for content or modify blog posts(or to add whatever is not mine to one) in any way. With my being cut even from healthcare for which mother is paying out of her own pocket to look legitimate as possible(with so many royals writing their own memoirs for so many years already without releasing single one), I figured out is in my best interest to share here seen with you world.


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