Thursday, March 23, 2023

Truth is that in 1996(second year of MK Ultra), I pushed for Thailanders takeover of Myanmar via war machinery, but it was not my fold

As I listened to Vladimir Putin in our house laying down to West his plans about coming war on Ukraine, I begun to contemplate on Thai's takeover of Myanmar - I was asked about whom do I like to take down myself and pointed at Thailand as future King of one infront of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej who insisted with his son Maha my becoming Thai King if marrying Princess Bajrakitiyabha...the problem was that I took assignment deadly serious to

degree it was claimed(I don't think I had that much power drugged up, but so it was stated by all regional leaders including China which begun to develop MEGA conspiracy against me) that I begun to re educate Thai 
King Bhumibol Adulyadej to degree that his son Maha once stated me was ready to even remove one with force if he wouldn't stop on time...I sure did bagged USA for Thai weaponry and volunteered to become personal Thai king's spy - Thai Kings both had a funny habit to watch me being bitten up from the side with Maha taking whole thing even further $#%&#$$# in comfort of his private toilet - still, my espionage record for him and his father was immaculate and I lost my temper only after I learned Maha complained to prince William about my "misbehaviour" in 2004(I wrote about that already - one thing I couldn't handle were complains from those who I have gone extra extra mile for that no one ever would - after 7-9 years of beatings under MK Ultra)....I got beaten up in return like hell by entire Asia with Maha claiming that I am CIA spy the worst ever walked earth and a racist who hates Asians with what communist China labelled me as well. Worst happened when Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn got proof in hands about my being a terrible anti Asian racist and he got one through his two daughters - one who looked totally Asian(Chinese) like his daughter Princess Bajrakitiyabha and the second daughter Princess Sirivannavari...year was 2002 I anticipate with Princess Sirivannavari reaching her sweet 15...involved in MK Ultra Sirivannavari begun to flirt with me(TOTALLY UNAWARE OF AGE UNDER MK ULTRA) and I just refused time and again to have anything to do with her for some two years on what I exploded made my point of not wanting to date her no matter what....reason was my not liking her but not based on her Asian DNA - based on her less Asian DNA than of sister Princess Bajrakitiyabha...Chinese who were all excited about learning about my being terrible CIA agent on mission to thorn Asia via war were extremely disappointed with news....they hoped for the opposite, but now problem opened with India and Persia, Pakistan and Afghanistan - Chinese community party was due to my addiction to Asian DNA labelled as nazi party, but I didn't get nice warm patriotic in welcome in China you would think either once they transferred me there....instead, I could use as was told good old German helmet BUT ONLY

to protect my head(money, however, did flocked to China like never before - it felt as if they were delivering one from Germany, USA etc. with oil tankers)...even worse as was recorded how I engaged in Thailand in a racism against non Asian people seeing myself completely as some countries like Vietnam and area they still welcomed me and were happy for someone to love them as so much, but love soon was over and MK Ultra turned into hell on earth from all sides till 2013 when for the first time I no longer wanted to date 
Princess Bajrakitiyabha due to her Asian DNA(resentment against Asian people due to beatings took heavy tall one me) and I only wanted to date Princess would think hell was over, but you are wrong...then again I got beaten up for from Princess Bajrakitiyabha who begun to claim how I wanted to abandon her....

What they did with me then !!????? I have no clue...I was known first as Chinese spy due to Marco Polo documentary routes beginning 1996/1997 on which I was converting all nations I met along the way into Chinese and then Asian spy...Asia is a funny place with long gone already deceased Bruce Lee who somehow still appeared to me under in MK Ultra anywhere from South Korea to Indonesia and all the way to India - just to say hello via #$%$"$%%&....

No way would I start war with Myanmar or military conflict of any king, but I WOULD STILL LOVE TO SEE BOTH COUNTRIES UNITED UNDER SIAM FLAG. Thailand, you must admit whoever/wherever you are, is a very beautiful name for country too....


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