Tuesday, March 14, 2023

As for Princess Bajrakitiyabha, she had me in a little finger for no less than 30 years

 It was males who flattered her all over the place infront of me during(prior) her public scenes through whom she got NO from me(victim and which photos were afterwards
distributed on internet to make me feel wrong about something I knew not what went on and why I acted the way I did)
on what she easily got YESS from me each time prior to return to Slovenia or USA for no less than 26 years. She had

me in a little finger and did so because she knew she had me in a little finger.


Extremely expressive with countless males crazy about her...

Verdict: a real Thai soldier.

Made me feel so sorry for her that I wanted to be guilty to make her feel good, but part of me just didn't get HOW....

I tell you, she collected more marital YES proposals from me than any other girl ever and ALLWAYS PRIOR TO RETURN TO SLOVENIA...not only she knew how to get "yess" from me, but foremost NO and when...little manipulator who posed as lonely was even suggested as gay because of me, but reality was totally different beginning with students in Ljubljana back in the day whom she associated with rather than to be with me...manipulator and her sister is the same - two manipulators and two soldiers...king Maha(father) awarded both with military titles as you see.

Became a feminist for me to eat myself even more - used guilt weapon. And this with heart problem...you can imagine how that went.

Wherever I got to see her, million males chased her - not exactly million, but she had many many admirers and I bet no male drugged up specially would want to compete for hand like this...London school https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/twist-around-little-finger 

Somehow just didn't go at UN !!???? Really !!???? Saving me saving you where 30 years of life went is what and NOT BECAUSE OF ME.

Lived with her(has a separate room) for about decade and half. Very nice person, but what I got to do with it !!???? Not why not me, but why me !!????

Here is a MK Ultra staff member who frequently brought me to Thai royals. 


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