Wednesday, March 1, 2023

MK Ultra - I have not seen one single photo of Thailand - nor beaches nor temples nothing, however, I can tell you

 There are three Godly small Temple creations where King Maha did his Royal administration work(before him till 2000 his father Bhumibol Adulyadej and after 2008 his daughter Bajrakitiyabha). - temple where he, his father and Bajrakitiyabha worked is the biggest one of three(much much bigger and the smallest one is the oldest temple of three - its a art of God)...King Maha DISLIKED administration work and was more into action - factories etc., so he handled administration work which also required one to spent reading enormous material from certain private parties and companies to his loving daughter Bajrakitiyabha who did job like nobody possibly could have(Japanese rated her as Samurai girl) and Thai executives/workers loved it because coming into palace was not just a visit to regular palace meeting some clowns we see in UK as an example, but entry into deepest country's tradition...temple where both Thai Kings(and my Bajrakitiyabha) served signatures on projects is from what I recall second perhaps third oldest temple in was a bit like magical to see something like this AND SMALL from would say nothing special, but as I stated special indeed. The problem Westerners discovered in 1996 with this very temple was security and whole thing(wall) was a rather a joke to pass this was done beginning 1996 - heavy wall security surrounding palace where temples are located, a new construction of wall(upgrade), and from what I was told they improved security of Godly temple structure where King Maha for King Maha, he always(most of the time) due to safety used MARKED police or military vehicles...despite performing toughest job of the all(administration where one spends indoors reading and reading and studying projects etc.), she never seems gained a single gram of weight and she loved her job(meeting people and see them leave happy) just as her father. Still, no Thai royal is allowed to participate any longer in this ordeal or in my life in any form and do thank them for assistance. Wishing best of luck to all of them.

p.s. Having a Novo mesto psychiatrist lessoning me with Slovenian police, and Ljubljana psychiatric stuff about which is older and what was first where in 2000 was for me big no no no...I was infuriated in respect to intimacy and felt our bond was broken.

I will never ever observe a single photo of Thailand...will post(IF I feel) just as in this case out of memory because I want Thailand to stay this way. Someone who brought me ion Thailand once told me about some great Thai Kingdom which liked me and I missed one but thats too late and how all are gone now...I guess he knew how to read palms. 

UPDATED ON MARCH 13TH, 2023: I already was God of Thailand - entire Asia knows while world recognised stated 


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