Thursday, March 23, 2023

MK ULTRA - French Slovenian from Metz whom I have just met(March, 3rd, 2023 at 1920) was one of the first MK Ultra staff members whose sister also wanted to marry me

 Has a blonde HALF sister who completed university in Ljubljana and they have two houses near Belokranjec(like Kandijska cesta 69 area from what I can recall - one is from his mom other from sister).

I pointed out his dog which one had already back in 2017 and that he got permanent employment in Slovenia back as far as in 2012. Both correct above information not confirmed yet.

His friend from Belgium whom, however, I haven't identified(he showed me on Facebook) was involved beginning 2002 - that far back in time he went first time to escort me during MK Ultra to home where I 

am at right now. Two are very different characters do - while both are very social, Belgian was into night life chasing girls and still does is what I was told - in 2013, Belgian apartment in the house and was told due to night life employers gave one job stability nice guys and invited to visit. Thank you.

His blonde half sister got married in 2002 or so and has plenty of children. Probably three...

French guy who now works locally, am certain, is surprised as i wrote this about his sister etc...he didn't believe I would go so far...he also would take me locally to birthdays. He is a birthday lover. More reserved well depends what one would manage to get out of one as he alone stated minded type but more quiet than his Belgian comrade Macron Terence Hill alike still in search of perfect lady hehe

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