Thursday, March 30, 2023

It was said during MK Ultra princess Bajrakitiyabha never took or released a public photo into public without my presence /photos of her I BELIVE(BUT COULD BE WRONG) always if not almost were released only wherever and whenever I was on the side of the picture

I have found many photos of which only few didn't ring mind - she alone apologised(little to nothing I understood what she was trying to explain me during MK Ultra because I was unwilling to listen - while I HOPE not in her case, to listen during MK Ultra and take to heart seriously meant to give in into total lunacy) and explained if photos were not taken during my presence but rather absence but she still wanted my mind to see her through MK

Ultra - alerted me for particular photos to not say I was on picture due to possible psychiatric issues(to what king Maha referred to as IF I WOULD BEHAVE EVIL game) 

Father Maha appears did pushed her over the limits due to what was claimed my interest for commando units which she played down in my face till he alone felt insulted due to his military profession/service...she resented me deeply suffering in military and her uniformed fellowmen nothing but death threatened me as to what I caused her heart health wise related problems...I was traumatised like probably never before. It was trauma based life in horror without my having the ability

to defend myself in a foreign country where hijacked in absolutely any way.

Still and specially because of everything I stated(DESPITE BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON'S UGLY FRIENDSHIP HYPOCRISY - two penetrated into closest Thai circle to degree to have behaved like my guardians while my being depicted without ability to defend myself as totally mentally retarded), I would want to be the one...she left footprints all over my soul and I didn't understand that part either - I figured out during MK Ultra whole thing as complications which rather will result in total nuisance. It was painful most of the time, but she wouldn't quit and raised her expectations of me as a husband to lowest level possible I cite, "if he only could shave every day it would be okay"....

@Bajrakitiyabha  - do you still want me to make you a Mexican child or not !!????

Funny white American involved in MK Ultra speculated what would come out of me and Bajrakitiyabha  and one figured out as - MEXICAN CHILD 

I sort of really liked idea and to push claim further in smiley waters they sure found Mexican baby that looked like her during childhood and Mexican mother who happened - to somehow also like me...King Maha did that part extremely well to Soamsawali...

King Maha had some exotic animals loose and just like Maha I liked wild animals big cats or tigers or whatever it was and consequently got complain department on my ass which initially was directed at father Maha...the complaint department treated me like mentally retarded and one was none other than Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton...the two begun to bitch to me I cite, "it will be a animal control immediately if these will be let loose wondering around and you alone will be taken away"...something, I can say, I understood but why so aggressive on me and as if I was mentally challenged...cats were taken away few months latter on Maha's disappointment(and mine as he poisoned me with idea about cute cats),  after those have bitten yet another servant...lady worker complained about being bitten all the time...king Maha told me had to let them go or he alone will endup in some asylum so thats how a bigger cats(I have no idea what he had but was very beautiful) left...must be silent about Clintons was told but what do these people want from me !!???? I even think was a beautiful Persian/Asian most royal wild bobcat...

The only royalty that have and will have ability to ever...

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