Sunday, March 19, 2023

I knew all along about 2015, but wanted to explore whole thing all the way

 To see over course of time what was in it for me - whole thing. Then based on information I gathered(and one was a piece of art those involved know about) have come to strict conclusions for which, however, wanted to doubt - I allowed heart to tell me whole thing in another words to which I presented myself a final and strongest piece of evidence against my doubts concerning Bajrakitiyabha and off course to her benefit. There is no Mr. Bin here...

Bajrakitiyabha, however, di passed test into my heart.

I have a well established court in my head - strict investigation procedures I follow up with to last millimetre. You can't buy your way our through 5 minutes selfies next to extensive torture if involved in one...

Gather evidence and doubt, prosecute, and based on findings use best/strongest piece of evidence in benefit of defendant to evaluate your own findings to see how those rate...she passed as she presented the strongest evidence possible and the one I wanted since 1995.

Those who think about Mr. Bin as was called by British royals are wrong.

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