Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Father BURSTED in physical violence beginning his departure to hospital(its the same I am told inside of the home for elderly by nurses/physicians)

 Not a single violence incident was recorded throughout my forced hospitalisation in 2013 and 2015. He was and is ultra VIOLENT thug.

I warned mother to STOP visiting one in return for his attitude - till one calms down and appreciates visits.

Was and continues to kick nurses/medics which are trying to assist one. I continued to maintain silence in respect to his violence, but will stop short in respect to one. 

Upon forced psychiatric hospitalisation based on parents' and niece/sister's lies against me in 2013, I was tied up inside of the ambulance vehicle as well as on the bed inside of the psychiatric hospital for giving exactly zero resistance. Psychiatric violence continued against me by keeping me at closed department for close supervision for entire 10 months where I gave again zero resistance despite not having the right to tooth paste and tooth brush for entire 3 months. CONTRARY TO MY FATHER, NURSES PROTESTED AGAINST PSYCHITRIC VIOLENCE AGAINST ME BY ASKING ME IN THE FACE OVER AND OVER I CITE, "WHY DO THEY HAVE YOU HERE, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE" - I was rated with exceptionally good behaviour by psychiatric stuff which, however, was involved in MK Ultra beginning as early as in 1995.....

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