Monday, March 20, 2023

Show stars such as Judge Judith Sheindlin and her husband were both heavily involved in MK Ultra

I didn't notice age difference between myself and happily married Judith whom at first I was trying to steal from her husband Jerry Sheindlin - married with very very nice guy who ended up "almost" staying

without his beautiful wife to some MK Ultra dude from Slovenia. Jerry Sheindlin was one of the nicest people involved who at one point when already everyone turned against me in 2008, still somehow approached me a "nazi"(both of Jewish origins somehow sided with me - eventually was a Judith whom I have at one point even flirted with, but who turned against my increasingly hostile MK Ultra attitude)...Judge Judith Sheindlin was at one point and time of MK Ultra even my soulmate who, however, figured out since was so much my type that best would be to get me a daughter(I have no clue whose, but I think it was from Jerry to whose house she would take me along - these ladies treated me like a personal hmmmm....its like purse they grab and go is how). But I was into Judith not daughter and not cousins...all went wrong except with her husband who somehow didn't kick my ass. Really polite person.

How come Judith got my attention and despite age difference !!??? She was just elegant and good looking I figured out - age difference is not so much notable during MK Ultra...

Visited Novo mesto city on quite a few occasions - both indeed. Great friends with Bill Clinton who introduced me to the two.

@Judith - Jerry knew about the two of us right !!????? 😅hehehe and have good night.

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