Monday, March 20, 2023

Bajrakitiyabha felt the most comfortable having me in her own apartment - she waged what appeared as entire war(begining 2010) to keep me around at all costs

My stay in her apartment AGAIN, however, was under heaviest scrutiny of her father king Maha possible - he kneeeewwww I like her and admitted me his wrongdoings in respect to his daughter Bajrakitiyabha and me(beginning 2002)....went on to perform bad stuff on me worry free and stated me how there is nothing I will be capable to do to one(will get away with with it without single scratch) gesturing me next to women how I am even better man....king Maha sure had me in his little pocket and his daughter Bajrakitiyabha had to pay the heavy price for freedom(independent life) first. This arrivals and then removals from her environment, I understand, left psychological consequences on her is what I heard from others....I was told even depression issues. In 2015 and 2017 when I couldn't envision myself in mirror any longer due to weight gain, she upon asking me whether I do like to stay with her begun to bag father and politicians to leave me with her. She was happy dressed in comfortable jeans having me with her dogs inside of apartment, but under total control all the time...privacy was extremely limited. But she was(I would love to see it that way and appeared) happy and that made me extremely pleased. When it comes to Thailand, I wouldn't even dare to think past Bajrakitiyabha - not woman nor news wise...extremely beautiful woman her father knows...and as much as I would love NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT as my goal never was to deprive her of family, I did asked King Maha(to be honest) to keep her for me...I am not shy from admitting everything I know nor recognising wrong I caused, however, I also sure am not the one who tried to get away from her(that I was guilty too, but it made me feel great to hear such statements from her beautiful mouths - just great) and never ever will. 

There never was more beautiful Thai girl for me than Bajrakitiyabha. I NEVER EVER WILL MOVE PAST HER ISSUE ON TO THAILAND. No Bajrakitiyabha, no Thailand of any kind for me. 44 years old, in my eyes she will remain 18 for as long as I am.

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