Thursday, November 4, 2021

There is one thing good about London Berlin Washington lucifers

 Here is what followed me from USA back to Slovenian homeland - so people can imagine what was like in Lucifer's throat for 13 years I spent there....this Western democracy I have spoken about and is expanding more and more throughout entire globe(consequently to eastern Europe just as much as elsewhere where West is not as much on the power grip as is in Africa) is far more sensitive issue than when compared to their latest Western brand known as COVID19 - West now pays to get us killed in our own countries through fractions they made agreements with(Kučan Pahor) or controlled oppositions(Lojze Peterle etc.) and its nothing bad to mention as is the only legitimate excuse for GMO opium alike hunger business trade - this way people don't have to point fingers during cancer epidemic directly into GMO as per main cause of cancer.

Cancer game is just as step up from spine breaking MK Ultra torture death threats etc....more than whatever perversion game dictated. Its market that offers cancer solution and its market(talking about my page as market promoting agency for one) that offers those who poison an GMO upgrade into so called BIO $$$ products - finished solution to your all new way of life. Their opium trade as far as hunger game came so far that food produced in Africa right next to starved to death population can now be used to accommodate needs of other global markets incl. Europe...they don't loose money as long as someone writes about it even if only as seen here because they hold for balls mentioned continents(Africa and South America) and more and more as you see also entire eastern Europe with what is turning into fully blown cancer epidemic from which more and more bio$$$(next to insane vitamin$$$, bio is used as response from your valet to cancer market) will merge for is on fire, but only few if any seating in chairs at the top are willing to admit.

 Finally but not the last - once Africa is owned territoriality enough to satisfy needs of EU to degree that Germany can rely on one, we will face drought here in Europe via weather modification programs(already happening in Russia) and this as is planned will give extra $$$$ boost to GMO and BIO opium alike "trade" that will lead into total enslavement of the whole planet.

From having SWAT team of police officers waiting in-front of the doors in apartment building with idea to escalate verbal violence into physical confrontation via my ex Wife(caught them armed to teeth waiting right outside of the apartment as opened doors and rather exited than engage in verbal confrontation with her - politically correct America and situation similar to stated one here were many, but this was in my opinion climax of American democracy I experienced - when I opened the door and came out those lowered their fire weapons and shamefully bent down their heads into floor stood there confused with nothing to say - GARBAGE !!!) when in Miami Beach in 47th street and all the way to forced unemployment along MK Ultra thrills...

New culture - culture of toxic - culture of suicide is the all new gig that humanity embraced without even realizing. Satan is your old new human friend well alive kicking and back from WWII horrors to remind you again where you place is.

From human rights courts agencies they own next to wars and more and more total food control on planet...more efficient than zyklon or sarin heh....either way its German way.

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