Sunday, November 7, 2021

Slovenian government set me up on behalf of German government with mentioned HANDICAPPED issue at Šmarješke toplice(outside of hotel - trail next to stream) where brought drugged up in 2008

 Slovenian government repeated the incident on behalf of their German colleagues on what I was brought inside of the Slovenian parliament where yelled at - blamed for whatever I had nothing to do with as inside of entire parliament group was nothing but betrayal against Slovenian nation for the sake of new Yugoslavia. 

In 2008 heavy neurotic(German) suffered backlash from me who would act as trained in a very funny way to obtain much needed answer...Slovenian and German governments repeated abuse which involved over the years other patients and some top German was Slovenian traitors that needed abuse more than Germans or vice-versa is not known to me, but both profited withing equally at least.

Charles and kids got positive from Slovenian politicians when those were asked if they would trade me for second Yugoslavia....they all seems arraigned everything in respect to my case with one another, but(except) my REPEATED answers as HELL NO on rebukes inside of the Buckingham palace when repeatedly challenged with Russian collaboration issue, "we now work together...they don't want you in Slovenia anyways remember !!!??"

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