Thursday, March 2, 2023

MK Ultra - Involved since 1995 that also wouldn't miss single Putin's meeting(his entourage) is this Russian pilot who opened his own MIG 29 academy - Greek and Frau Pauline Nordin both participated in MK Ultra(both in our Novo mesto house) and I went with both to Russia during their flight as to with many others who flew from this Russian base into altitude of Orbit

Vladimir Putin(FREQUENT VISITOR OF THIS RUSSIAN BASE - ALSO THE ONE WHO GAVE LICENSE FOR HIM TO OPERATE PRIVATE MIG 29 HIGH ALTITUDE TOURS IN RUSSIA) a frequent visitor, took me with pilot twice to plane but I deliberately refused to see what went on high altitude as would totally spoil one day a real experience - Putin understood me. MK Ultra - that simply destroys all the beauty this world has to offer and as much as dreamed about such experience with MIG 29, I refused to have one spoiled once up there...and I refused to have anything to do with Russian female assistants(all involved) at the base till they turned sexy...they had to unbutton themselves a bit to get life out of me and then I was again punished which was a frequent intercontinental thing.

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