Friday, September 2, 2022

NOBODY EVER STATED ME UNDER MK ULTRA ANYTHING ABOUT HERE SEEN: My heath problems are related to red cells and hypotension

 Blood cloths and cancer...thats all. I know so because of symptoms I have and unique food that helps immediately ease issues such as chicken liver(NONE OTHER)...lack of magnesium(even a slight lack of magnesium as was lied during visit to hospital) is a great MILAN KUČAN BORUT PAHOR TANJA FAJON lie to cover-up for above pointed out issues. Its what also makes Joe Biden a beast because US Government knew ALL ABOUT HERE STATED WELL AHEAD OF CRIME CLIMAX WHICH STARTED 5 YEARS AGO(he and other US presidents knew about here stated since it all started in 1995)...everything else was a lie including tooth which they broke to steer attention away from atrocity. As far as London, I wouldn't even go into its issues(THE WORST OF THE WORST) as enough was written about it - THEY CONTINUE TO WAIT ON THEIR MEMOIRS RELEASE DATE JUST AS SCAVENGERS DO. 

HOPE NOT HATE HUH !!???? Coffee in my case didn't present any problem, however, sugar and salt did - death basically.

Ringing sound in ear is known as a tinnitus. the causes of tinnitus could be what you are experiencing that is hypotension, anemia, etc. other causes include ear infection like labyrinthitis, meniere's disease, motor disorder etc. suggest you to visit a ENT Specialist for further management.

I eliminated sleeplessness in a great way by eliminating sugar completely and learned to adjust day accordingly with amount of sleep for which I knew defacto 4 hours(or even two at times while on other occasions perhaps even 7 hours) is a new insane normal...

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