Saturday, September 24, 2022

JOE BIDEN IS A KILLER: Cancer spread unto my body to degree I no longer was capable to walk DUE TO DEGREE OF PAIN IN MY VEINS, but I managed to defeat one almost completely - its reason why I assumed it was just a cancer related blood clots

Cancer incapacitated me via veins located on shin(bellow my left knee)...spread into center of the foot and begun to cause impossible to describe pain in upper foot veins which pain extended all the way up to left knee...cancer started to affect heart area and lymph nodes located on chest...nothing helped - not even my stopping to walk....not only I no longer could walk, but I could swim not even with ultra light shoes due to pain those caused me...during swimming without shoes injury stroke me at the dam where police alone planted crime....injury left me completely immobile with pain impossible to handle, but I begun to eat garlic without food(during walk I would chew garlic and drink water and drink lemon juice) during what became short exercise walks with idea to heal toe which had cm and half deep cut. It worked - as pain begun to spread on veins during walk, garlic cleared one out.... Cancer was practically removed from body within one week in what turned into longer and longer appears(what I also used as pain in left foot somewhat remained) further strong foot massage of foot upon end of walks managed to push blood clots through system....I had no clue due cancer issues, head hurt more and more due to what I learned turned into regular directed energy attacks. Mother who returned just now claimed was not at neighbor Slavka but on garden picking up walnuts from garden... as I unlocked front doors, one jumped into the ear from  what she wanted to demonstrate again was fear. - bullying not present in her for last 30 days at least...its a verbal abuse with mentioned reactions she used since my  return from Poland TRAINED BY NOVO MESTO POLICE DIRECTOR JANEZ OGULIN PERSONALLY AND PSYCHIATRISTS. She goes to Slavka Jerman(neighbor twice a day - not once). WHEN ASKING HER WHY SHE DISPLAYED PARANOID FEAR FACTOR BEHAVIOR INFRONT OF ME, HER ANSWER WAS BECAUSE IF DOORS WHICH I OPENED - UNLOCKED...WHEN I ASKED HER WHY DOESN'T SHE LOCK DOORS BEHIND OR USE ENTRANCE DOORS WITH MAGNETIC LOCK RATHER THAN LEAVING MIDDLE GARAGE UNLOCKED ANSWER WAS BECAUSE I LIKE IT LIKE THAT(ITS LIKE THIS WHENEVER SHE GOES TO NEIGHBORS TOO ETC.)....WHEN I ASKED HER ABOUT FATHER'S ROOM KEY SHE BEGUN TO SCREAM AT ME ON HOW I MASTER ENTIRE HOUSE ACCORDING TO MK ULTRA SCENARIO - ITS ALSO VERBAL CONFIRMATION FROM HER SIDE OF DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACK. POLICE SIREN WENT ON FOR NO APPARENT REASON WHILE WRITING THIS ON OTHER SIDE OF KRKA RIVER - HOW MUCH I WOULD LOVE TO TALK IN PRIVATE TO POLICE DIRECTOR OF NOVO MESTO POLICE STATION IN HIS OFFICE WITH DOORS CLOSED IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL...POLICE CONTINUES TO ASSAULT VIA ALL LEVELS DISREGARDING ALL WRITTEN ON HERE.  

Its also all recorded and crime CLEARLY appears to 100% coordinated with American authorities(victorious in Ukraine - Joe Biden)....its not that aren't paying attention to this site...they do they do...24/7

Terrible headache with 4 hours of sleep...when I opened eyes, my eyes hurt due to lack of sleep and so it goes.

Its hard to know with health issues as such and so many MK Ultra lies next to people like this what is when...they are upto no good and never ever were.

As for Joe Biden - he is a dog faced pony soldier - a real dark Brendon. KILLER WORKS IN COMPLETE CO ORDINANCE WITH BORUT PAHOR/ MILAN KUČAN SINCE 1995.

Again police sirens...

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