Saturday, September 24, 2022

As I headed to wash my head in a bucket last night, I begun to feel(while bending down) enormous pressure coming down on eye on right side pulled sideways and funny smell as is sinuses would be congested appeared

 Then I pushed my head down and washed soap of my head(scalp even hurt a bit while washing) pushing top of the head against bottom of the bucked on what pressure ceased to exist - blood pressure sound which I have 24/7 since 2017 was briefly even gone...and I recalled that fourth blood clot dot(location) which they claimed me under MK Ultra have created was atop of my head in superior sagittal sinus vein area...from left center foot dot, center of the shin on the left leg area dot, under left arm area dot, and top of the head dot....Alex Jones was a MK Ultra staff member who gestured me about this very top of the head blood clot related location in perhaps even 2019 - Biden insisted me on using Joga, but I insist and will continue to insisted for US Government to stop this 28 year long butchery...I took screen shot right after completion of hair wash. Blood clots locations are created by simply using needles which they stick REPEATEDLY in certain dot to agitate one - create one cancerous.

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