Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Son of now deceased Micka Mohar(Frank) who supposedly died of cancer many years ago according to MK Ultra is very much alive and well at location known as Mali Slatnik

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There appears is a ocean of death certificates(newly issued state identities) involved in my case have awarded themselves with...ONLY IF I WOULD BE NICE TO NEIGHBOR MOHAR FAMILY IS WHAT I WAS TOLD...will accent that individual posed infront of me next to house claiming me was Frank when I was subjected to MK Ultra, but can't assure with whether one is alive or not...actual or fake individual. They used his case to insist me(demonstrated me him or whomever drinking at local weekend house with ladies claiming me since those appealed to me how I should rather join one I cite, "you should join me as we dead have a great time as you see...its not so bad on the other side he claimed me on quite a few occasions on different locations") to rather disappear from public view via fake death certificate which apparently would be issued to me by Slovenian state....real person, fake individual or individuals with silicone masks - who knows...

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