Friday, September 23, 2022

Mr. Simon Dorante-Day was involved in case and met Charles(royals) on quite a few occasions - he, however, is not Charles' son according to Charles

 Tests were made already. Visited Novo mesto(this house, this room) etc. Simon was very persistent about being Charles' son, but admitted me i cite, "too bad ain't"

Camilla also liked(accepted one well - she sort of cooked whole thing from what I recall back in 2000 already - surfaced in 2002) him.

@Simon Dorante-Day - I have no clue man. 

My memory !!???? Better than of you all together but you placed gag on my mouths - psychiatric one and its the worst that can be done to a human being next to forced unemployment which is the worst of the worst.... 

I know there is people who stuck in time as far as I am concerned(just like the man you see)...they perhaps would even love to find way back if they only could but they just lost their way for good...
The thing about me - I never ever lost a single thing. Unless, of course, I wanted too.

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