Wednesday, September 21, 2022

My neighbors(Andrej Uhl and Dane Kolenc) have in agreement UNDER MK ULTRA TORTURE with Borut Pahor bent imported from China cables(widened connector ports) for those to malfunction and collect them from trash bin where I continually disposed them

 They brainwashed me to have destroyed cables, but I recently learned that many cables(upon return from Poland) simply had mini ports bent - widened and those wouldn't work...due to amount of stress and violent brainwash based on destruction of property, I wouldn't even consider internet as source for was nothing but crime hat went on for no less than 26 years in respect to property destruction - whatever was not stolen prior to delivery and at times substituted even with old warned out garbage....Pahor gave them 

blessings, but nobody gave shit about what went on. People such as Dmitrij Rupl(studied in Munchen), befriended even what calls itself as left in Slovenia and assisted them in crime. Dmitrij Rupl was a predator who desperate to next to his salary earn extra with foreign visits...although not needed much, he would entertain during his visits in the house with night sleep deprivation asking idiotic questions that made no sense while waiting in queue for Pahor or other politician to call him at the table which seldomly did take place...little he gave shit about sleep deprivation procedures or other torture he engaged in. He got along with whomever for extra coin. Begun to see himself as royal participate at all costs in whatever process would to take place in Slovenia, but royal related to Czechs and Pollacks(that they would implement some royal orders and there would be a chance to earn title etc.) not British or other Western Europeans aha right(what he claimed)...regularly ambushed delegations at Bled where he claimed me also meets visitors from abroad on behalf of Slovenian companies whatever that meant...

Complained against me(and acted with crime against me based on) that I disliked his wife based on facial features....well, must be honest hardly have I seen woman as sexy as his wife and specially meaningful to me was fact that one was his wife...totally made sense. Must admit, it was time when I considered marriage to both...gee !!!

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