Monday, September 26, 2022

Henry Kissinger always was certain how elevator in our house should have been positioned on the left side upon entrance, but they all figured out with OTIS company owners and employees(same servicers/installers were involved from Florida Ocean club, place where lived on M. Beach, South Gate) how one should be positioned on the left side where toilets are

Just before stairs...its all schizophrenia !!???? A paranoia !!????

Well, its proven now that it was all done to hurt not help - even gag "help" via psychiatric lies. The rest doesn't matter.

Kissinger eventually turned against me, but little did he expect my drill...there was no miomeauw after you turned your back to me specially if I welcomed you as special guest. OTIS owners and installers with West gate, South Gate from South Beach all visited our Novo mesto 10 square meter prison cell to be exact. Putin became Henry's friend for life. You see, Putin behaved way better than myself....was more appropriate and tolerant and nice...

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