Wednesday, September 28, 2022

MK ULTRA - Identified was Serbian employee at the main Slovenian postal service in Ljubljana and few other employees(basically, self identified)

 Serbian employee veteran hold current position since 2014 and it was the only question I inquired about...all mentioned employees of Slovenian postal services participated including inside of this house(whenever chance opened) for about two decades - also presented me to their family circles for job promotions wise and some with idea to crack in me Slovenian independence spirit...their owner was Milan Kučan(Kučan also known as Borut Pahor, Tanja Fajon - ex members of what was known as YUGO communist party). From homes for elderly, public healthcare(hospitals), police, psychiatry, Judicial part of government, Milan Kučan robbed Slovenes upon their independence also of the right to postal services...what a man, but fable for him and his apparatchiks is coming to an end.

How many packages were stolen(or had new products switched with old warned out at times completely broken) by Slovenian postal services is a great question...50 individual orders from ebay/aliexepress !!???? I am NOT exaggerating. Forced unemployment on total of 2000 Euros of social support from Slovenian government over the course of 17 years....

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