Sunday, September 18, 2022

My father bagged for violence authorizations from MK Ultra participants(Slovenian Milan Kučan delegation) - if he didn't get those, he continued on his own

 Prince Charles(now king) and prince Andrew, however, begun to condition me DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ISSUES WITH VIEWS ON RUSSIA AND SERBIA to what the two referred laughingly as cooperation.

When I acknowledged(called in his face), prince Andrew a satan under MK Ultra, one made shocked face and disappeared for a while so my memory cleared out about his criminal one point, prince Andrew whose livers were impacted heavily by alcohol(was at great displeasure forced to STOP consuming one or face possibly deadly complications), demanded to have my livers poisoned so I too would suffer what he claimed me was cirrhosis. BEGINNING YEAR OF THIS TYPE OF LONDON CRIME WAS 2010. They did at his request(this exact procedure that supposedly harmed my livers) whatever on two occasions, but what the whole truth was in respect to London is a great question....I(@George Bush) WALKED IN THE SHADOW OF THE DEATH !!! 

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There is no and there never ever was any disgrace in disgrace...they all are the same.

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