Wednesday, September 21, 2022

In 2020, Macron purchased last 40 something flat power-banks(same as mine) from Leclerk store in Poland with Olaf Scholz is money

 Powebank name is Tracer(Polish brand, but made in China) and has 8000Mah...whoever(not only Slovenian politicians) participated in MK Ultra at the time in our house, got himself or herself nice powerbank as a gift(promotion as the two politician claimed me)...however, MY power-bank came with Polish trick which experts of Andrzej Duda presented to me will be the case upon my return

from Poland and sure was damaged whatever was done to one...even the side where one charges(interior - close to impossible to open one type of powerbank - it was already opened during my stay in Poland and this in our house) is visibly damaged just as Duda promised...Slovenian police investigators instead insisted on ports which they bent in inside of the powerbank for me to make such statement since anything can be bent on or damaged easily from outside what would yield me a proof of property destruction...these types of powerbanks were never sold in Slovenia, so whoever has one in Slovenia 100% got one via this very case...@Eva Irgl !!???? Rupel was busy demonstrating me what one claimed was unsuccessful opening of his and so were few others...

Next to Polish immigration, I was hijacked in 2020 from Gdanska hostel as well...

Powerbank I used since purchasing new one in the mentioned store on a dozen occasions and that was it for one...beautiful dead powerbank since.

I bought in Poland from Allegro two or perhaps three other but cheaper powerbanks(each 20.000 Mah) which were in my opinion robbed of quality batteries at the immigration center...this one from good store and here is how one ended as the third or perhaps even fourth power-bank withing two years of my stay in Poland... understanding what MK Ultra was based on.

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