Saturday, September 24, 2022

Mother appeared was upstairs as I saw her on terrace(outside of living room where I slept) on what one disappeared leaving behind doors open from middle garage

 Door from father's room(room next door to mine) remains locked and mothers' response to me if asking about key are verbal insults and screaming. Since my father left to hospital like this...months. Hardy she fears for her live with her ultra aggressive behavior and yes she is 86

Investigating police officer who met me months ago at police station(I wanted to filed for father's home care option, and suffered issues at hospital instead)., was the one instructing me to inspect area with pipes bellow for no device attached on top of those. There is no radiation where I slept today and its where I sleep for over month as unique point in the house on upper floor, but radiation was blowing in area of my head only. While two investigating police officers claimed will do stuff to me, Metod Jerman(police officer investigator) is a cousin of where mother went just now and was/is involved since 1995.  She goes there(Slavka Jerman) on daily bases. Small village with tremendously a lots of shit in one. She is 86, extremely well rested(gets more than 8 hours of sleep compared to my 4 hours of sleep), strong like a bull and dynamic like a gymnast and evil a mother not santa Claus. We do not talk to one another because one doesn't want to communicate with me and never ever did. Her conduct is based on verbal attacks and silence for every attempt to communicate. Always was. Has neighbors with whom she communicates and who take her wherever she wants. Claims I am guilty for people not visiting home, but nobody ever came here unless they had me drugged up. Super crime in which she knows nothing about anything while I remain in her eyes a paranoid schizophrenic. Domestic violence sure it is, but I am not the one performing one. She has and she had a total support for one from police alone.



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