Tuesday, September 20, 2022

German Rammstein's group member Till Lindeman involved since 1995(entire group - Lorenz etc.) did some camping in Poland and in Slovenia

 He did hanged himself against trees to do his pull-ups and threw himself against grass for

push ups - did his little gym on grass infront of me also in Slovenia - 2004...Mr. Dicke Titte, however, declined to get in ring with 
Lennox Lewis when I tried to promote one in world of sports - appeared to be so skillful and full of energy, but not into sports arena despite cash offers.... I, honestly, had to endure ENORMOUS amount of physical and mental torture from band(Christian Lorenz excluded - he declined to torture) during MK Ultra during which German government exercised perhaps even two weeks of sleep deprivation. Made it Rusky St. Pterrrsburg and beyond huh $$$$ finally together with friend Vladimir Putin found his nemesis who was guilty for it all...

@Lindeman - pick anyone you like, they are all yours....not even Tyson !!????

I was only going to find a substitution for Tyson, but was unvail...

Till LINDEMAN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Till_Lindemann

Must be honest about it..they did had me in their homes meeting their women(fiances, wives) took me to whatever locations to meet whomever they needed to meet....

It was all sooooo great soooo helpful that I have to thank God for being alive today...for my physical and mental health to not have faded away to degree that here written can be seen....ja, St. Pterrrrrsburggg

ja, jajaja...

Ist nicht mehr raise raise....more like falling down...Danke schon noch immer für auf wiedersehn

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