Sunday, September 18, 2022

Serbian Bratislav was involved in crime known as "MK Ultra"(highest profile ever) - he managed to pull behind Serbian in crime against me(used torture) quite a few personalities

From Sylvester Stallone to Ukrainians and off course folks of Bratislava although those already committed themselves to huge number of crimes against me way prior to his interventions...kept same haircut as Stallone and so on....
All those "we are all Slavs" facial issues "German traitor" popped up when drugged up and Bratislav Bratislava(main city of Slovakia) lies...was yelled at infront of me in Belgrade in 2002 for supposedly siding with me - @Vućuć - no worries, I remember what went on. His name Bratislav Gasic.

Will Serbia's intelligence chief "Father Gasic" stay or will he go?

With a ministerial reshuffle currently underway, the head of the state security agency BIA, Bratislav Gasic, has his sights set on the defence or interior ministries. But the former coffee magnate turned spymaster may very well have to stay put for the lack of a sufficiently qualified candidate to replace him. [...] 

@Vućić - On my side !!???? Really !!???? And whose side are you !!????

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