Wednesday, September 28, 2022

When visiting father yesterday, he went on to insist me to climb in his fenced bad and stay next to him - under MK Ultra one harassed with this very issue in case I STILL wouldn't find myself a job

 He goes on in shoes of local psychiatrist Peter Kapš and was a short visit on what I left. About family from Maribor(Pejović), I can only say they involved ongoing death threats in crime - they would stay at times for days for nothing other than death threats. Talking about my cousin Mladen Pejović(brother of mother from what became a NBA player Sasha Vujaćić) 

and his son(and his wife) who went on to even blame me for his death related to cancer issues...father's sister Marlenka Pejović insisted me under MK Ultra torture my being nothing but dead walking man for no less than 25 years. Married Yugoslav military general ranking officer from Montenegro who, however, was not too happy about Slovenian independence.

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