Monday, August 1, 2022

MK ULTRA - @German government - take care "Herbert" as you promised me you would if I would identify one

EVERYONE YOU HAVE SEEN IN VIDEO WAS INVOLVED INCLUDING SECOND TRASH COLLECTOR(he connected with lady and commenced war on Herbert because of me and its why German government owes one as he wanted nothing but piece for everyone). South African sailors were in reality students - no sailors. Where Herbert gets food donations owner is Turkish/Syrian am quite sure(also involved since 1998 who knows)...And Herbert has a sister. German government helped Syrian owner and his family(has daughters) with store which he opened in 2001(I think he worked elsewhere for about few years before opening store - also for city repairing roads/cleaning streets or whatever) ? I think his wife is Turkish and man is Syrian.
I have had also MK Ultra business(whenever trafficked to Turkey) with Turkish trash collectors

Auuuuf wiedersehen Hamburg.

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