Monday, August 8, 2022

My favorite Turkish destination was Küçüksu Palace - till British royals who wanted all to themselves created Mount Everest of abuse in area(up creek)

 They just didn't want me anywhere near....they incited in racism during MK Ultra to get deals, and have used the opposite party(buyers/sellers) to claim them infront of me how those will not trade with them because of my conduct to get triple tortured and basically shown a middle finger(such was a regular practice of princess Anne)....Andrew stated me will  begun to respect me once he sees me turn first container loaded with goodies from abroad to Europe(they do 24/7 shipping from India and that includes fruits etc. - with Dalbanis etc.). I had and have a great reason to refer British scum from London who deterred willing foreign investors and women from me as NOTHING OTHER THAN FAMILY OF SERIAL KILLERS UNWORTHY OF MY PISS ON THE MOST RAINY DAY.

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