Thursday, August 18, 2022

Both heavily involved in my case since 1995 - she was interested in becoming wife according to everyone

 My mother acted with Milan Kucan's decisiveness and have dismissed her in

a very nasty way, but then again...wanted and did are two different issues...better to stick to sanity than plunge yourself after "wanted"...she had chances but chose instead German MK Ultra staff member which I hoped for would...sorry to see two part one another. Information I obtained guaranteed me despite her depicted as the one who separated that it was his fold...I welcome both(were here on many occasions). Beautiful couple with beautiful mother ran her own political agenda and was opinionated enough to exercise baldness in eyes if strangers accordingly with Milan Kucan Borut Pahor Putin Milosevic Kaczynski etc. Views contrary to mine which she alone with rest of the family created via torture which involved MK Ultra drugs   via most sadistic next to beatings in front of partisan memorials methods I think it's fair to consider her as responsible enough to face charges indifferent from others.

involved...she brings back memories on Sonja Kotar, Slavka Jerman...neighbors ladies who all deemed it was Nazis despite Danish WW2 resistance against German just as was case with Norway...

West was a bad choice also for Buckingham palace which had other plans for me, but psychiatric hospital was good...

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