Wednesday, August 31, 2022

REPEATED: British signed further violence against me at Slovenian Bled forum

I will stop at screenshots bellow as I have no time FOR MONKEY BUSINESS OF FAILED I stated, next to torture it was insult on insult for no less than 28 years...Borut Pahor signaled me would dispatch crime against me via his RTV Slovenia hanchman for whom other UDBA criminals wrote articles based on which he asked one to submit him a letter of complain...AND HERE IS HOW BORUT PAHOR DEATH THREATENED IN 2020 WHEN POLLACKS HIJACKED ME FROM POLAND TO SLOVENIA....NOVO MESTO POLICE ON OPPORTUNITY TOOK ME ALSO FOR A SWIMMING AT KRKA RIVER UNDER OUR PARCEL...WANTED TO SEE ALL NEW ME(weight loss and probably record some crime alone the way)...DEATH THREATS WERE OFFCOZRSE AFTERWARDS FORTIFIED BY POLISH CRIMINALS WHO BROUGHT ME BACK TO THEIR PROMISED LAND....POLISH KRAINA CZARÓW....


Tony Blair's institute for lies finally found enough courage to appears itself in public again - first time since war in Mideast 😃? War in Ukraine no doubt is huge....

Sure they know each other ...try not to vomit 

Let's hope our 96 yo LONDON patient gets that she can again dine with 🐻 bear😁😆😅😂 it's tough I tell you.

She volunteraly referred herself as patient

I cite:

It was the first time the Queen had missed the event in 59 years. The palace cited the monarch's "episodic mobility problems" but declined to divulge further details citing patient confidentiality. These ongoing issues, which she has faced for nearly a year since a brief hospital stay last October, have also hampered other occasions including her Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

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