Saturday, August 13, 2022

My mother commenced very same procedure since my return from Poland in 2020 against me as in 2011 till one got me into psychiatric hospital in 2013

 Woman whom Slovenian state have used next to father to access me(utilize complete control of life) also engaged actively in physical torture during MK Ultra procedure  inside of the residence next to others for no less than 26 years. She was one of the main participants whom, however, Slovenian state never ever removed from process even once it became clear that psychiatry, police, and Slovenian judicial system conspired in crime against me with sole intention to murder and this for no less than 26 years(since 1995).

Days commenced and commence with frequent verbal attacks and off course claims how she fears for her life - absurdous bullying which limits one's sanity and is comparable to case of Joseph Fritsl who would lets say after daily rape of his daughter begun to claim one how he fears for his life...

Needless to say I no longer want to see her...I want her and others involved fully persecuted for crime 

against me. No longer will go for visits to father as they all work together with sole intention which is indifferent from the one in 2012 as stated above ....see her yes, jailed at home NOT. NOT ANY MORE OR EVER AGAIN.

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