Thursday, August 18, 2022

Angela Merkel just loaded cars with injured and sent them to Germany on veins surgeries - whole battalion according to statements(because they had solution to problem in Germany at the time, but not elsewhere - since 2003/2004 ?)

 I had three weeks of rest. Rest was limited total rest till unbearable vein pain ceased to exist enough for garden work...along heavy garden work I commenced upper body exercise due to cancer infesting gland nodes in upper part(heavy garden work MAINLY was a way to beat cancer - not that much varicose veins even that it helped reduce problem significantly), I begun again swimming as number one cure for veins problems in left lower leg(including and worst was foot area)...according to Merkel this was the worst

injures of one was to happen specially due to cancer issues - no walk means no water filtering of livers and kidneys what boosts cancer issues and it did...anyhow, walk on straight surface(no hills till cancer problem becomes resolved) from here on and snorkeling...lots of garlic and onions...I just learned carbohydrates are boosting cancer cells, but CONTROLLED financial issues makes me nothing to worry about as I am not buying food but take whatever I find so anything goes :))))

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