Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Walrus appeared in Norwegian Oslo in 2013 already - as I no longer ever wanted to have anything to do with Harald of Norway and I found myself again in Oslo and he was so nice

We had discussion about it under MK Ultra during which he was calming me down on how it will be all good(I was institutionalized in 2013 and would never ever forget Norwegian asylum procedure which I have filed for in 2010 - instead jobless I was flown by Harald's team to Slovenian psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje prior to departure from Sweden that same year where one joined  me for tour of the future), so I know year was 2013 and mentioned walrus is older than what is reported...in 2013 walrus  was  almost ghost creature which, however, became over time THANKS TO MARINA MASTER more and more domesticated...this walrus was DOMESTICATED LIKE STRAY A CAT OR DOG...DOCK MASTER WHOM I WANTED TO CONGRATULATE NEXT TO WALRUS AND WHO DID SO ON BEHALF MARINA MANAGER OR CITY MANAGER AND/OR OF TOP POLITICIANS(he developed shy friendship with walrus on the side for which nobody knew), HOWEVER, REFUSED TO APPEAR ANYWHERE NEAR ONE WHEN KIDS CHEERED...Norwegian government told me before hand will have her released far away from Oslo up north on which occasion also Londonders joined(thats why they took me on excursion with William to Trondheim area - some 200km further up coast) and bitched me how I should never reveal secret and/or will be off with my head as it will be more and more problems that will appear... walrus is hopefully alive and dock master still employed(they threatened man also with his employment and such)...really beautiful beast😄...the only one in Norway looks better even than Norwegian blondes...

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