Friday, August 19, 2022

Finnish PM Sanna Marin FINANCED HER DEGREE as a part time stripper in a Finish night club - good for her based on what she accomplished

 Its where she met me where brought and then people like Trump etc...she claimed was interested in me back in her single day for over decade and half, but as usual it was someone else that took prize whatever. <== main stream news you see, surfaced to

remind me thats all...all her parties with friends ended with whatever video depicted. 

Sanna Marin had me everywhere just as many other women, but what was the point if not masochism...even writing this is a waste of time, but Andrews/Charlses/ Bidens Trumps etc. etc. need something to justify crime - depict one even as a form of help...

She never took drugs in her life time...

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