Thursday, August 11, 2022

This Russian KGB girl was involved in MK Ultra since 2008 or so - had me inside of the studio in Paris as early as in 2010(100% in 2012)

 She got to Paris through involvement in my case via French government, but most interesting is her name

and facial features which all closely resembles Ukrainian psychologist girl I met again in Polish Warsaw - asylum center...KGB invested incredible am mount of work to get me down...

Ukrainian girl was/is okay - this one(Putin got her in my case with idea to substitute Ukrainian who was involved in my case since high school in 1999/2000)...well, go figure out yourself...for one thing, she never ever replied back. She was not the first one KGB used to profile via Facebook and then involve one based on my preferences...I have already

pointed out another example when/where same took place...

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