Sunday, June 19, 2022

What do the regime of Putin, the Berlin Wall and dictator Milosevic have in common?

What they also have common is that it was Russia who persuaded SERBIA INTO 

MASSACRE ON BALKANS AGAINST 4 OTHER NATIONS. Putin(Zhirinovski and many other Russian politicians ongoing traveled to Balkans since 1995 to incite in war crimes on Balkans). President of Serbia of today(chetnik Aleksandar Vućič and Milorad Dodik of republika Srpska) was apprentice of Milošević and Putin before he officially started his political career - traveled to Slovenia to collect payments from Slovenian companies since 1995.

What do the regime of Putin, the Berlin Wall and dictator Milosevic have in common?


Sun, June 19, 2022, 9:40 AM

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Macron, Scholz, and Draghi seemed shocked by the atrocities of the Russians. I hope that this will affect their need to "save" Putin's face. Perhaps European leaders will realize that such a policy deprives even the hypothetical opposition to Putin of any hope of regime change in the Kremlin.

Any political resuscitation and artificial respiration in Putin's mouth delays the moment of difficult awakening of the Russian population from the horror into which Putin's propaganda plunged him.

The Kremlin has converted Russians into an army of assassins who are either actively, on the battlefield in Ukraine, or passively supporting its leader inside the country. They all became complicit in a bloody war crime.

Although this prospect of regime change looks very illusory, history has seen similar stories - the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Berlin Wall, dictator Milosevic in the Hague…

Meanwhile, Putin, his entourage, and soldiers continue to shoot Ukraine, killing people in homes and on streets, burning granaries and elevators, and blocking ports as part of the Kremlin's genocidal policies in an attempt to create artificial famine both in Ukraine and in other countries.

The Russian army continues to enthusiastically shell schools, transport hubs, factories, and hospitals. 

Understanding the logic of the occupiers' efforts to deprive Ukrainians of access to medical care, the doctors were transferred to another location in advance. Less equipped, without a stationary operating room, but safer.

Meanwhile, Kremlin comrades continue to rape the brains of their unfortunate people, maintaining a high level of hatred for Ukraine. And this is also a significant part of the crime against humanity - the frantic incitement of his fellow citizens to another country and its people, whom Putin is trying to mark as his property.

In this war against Ukraine, the modern Russian empire has lowered itself to a level below the waterline of the Moscow missile cruiser.

And Putin himself finally admitted that the main motive for the invasion of Ukraine is the restoration of the empire, the collection of land in the style of Peter the Great. That is, he acknowledged the aggressive nature of the war with Ukraine.

The colonial policy of capturing territory recognized by the whole world, including Russia itself, is the basis of the policy of modern Russia. Such a belch from the past, in the name of which the Russians were driven to the slaughterhouse.

21st century in Europe! It seemed unthinkable! Putin's family is, of course, imitating its leader. Just as any dictator's entourage usually behaves until he is overthrown. How lizards of the Third Reich behaved to show love and obedience to Adolf Hitler.

They also expressed full support for the Führer and his policy of expanding the East and resolving the "Jewish question." The Russian leader was also supported by his political shadow, which once staged Putin's presence in the presidency. Dmitry Medvedev voiced his sweet dream - the destruction of Ukraine, in a telegram: "And who said that in two years Ukraine will exist on the world map?"

I think Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, also passed the test of loyalty to the regime. He called for resolving the issue with Ukraine "once and for all".

A public speech worthy of being involved in the evidence of a crime against humanity in terms of inciting ethnic hatred and inciting the brutal masses of the Russian population against Putin's propaganda against Ukrainians. Twitter, of course, removed Rogozin's, in fact, Nazi address to his compatriots, but the word is not a sparrow…

Social media was shocked by a video in which a Russian native literally attacked a Ukrainian woman, trying to hit her and abusing her for the fact that her child spoke Ukrainian and said "Glory to Ukraine!"

Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently asked not to shift responsibility for the war to the Russians. The German politician said that the invasion of Ukraine was "Putin's war only."

I think it's time for the German authorities to remind Russians, many of whom are in Germany, that they are in a territory free of Putin and his military doctrine. And we must understand that they are not in Russia, but in a country where laws apply, not the Kremlin's propaganda of violence, war and hatred.

To bring to mind Putin's internal army, stationed in various European countries, recalling that they, of course, enjoy all the rights of the civilized world, but must not forget that they are in a civilized society, not in Putin's Russia.

The cult of Putin, which has penetrated the brains of Russians and established itself there, will resist the obvious facts. The assassinations and destruction will try to justify the Kremlin's fictional and widely circulated narratives about "Nazism" and the "threat" from Ukraine.

The Kremlin's information killers have learned to turn off both critical thinking and the ordinary logic of millions of people. The path to catharsis is not easy and long. If this gap in the matrix ever happens in Russia.

Meanwhile, the scale of war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine is increasing. The Russian army continues to kill people and destroy Ukrainian infrastructure. It is good that the world is not turning a blind eye to what is happening.

Although you and I understand that this is only a small part of what the Russians did in Ukraine. They are trying to wipe out much of their crimes from the ground - with artillery, aircraft, and missiles.

However, it will not be possible to hide the crimes under the ruins of Mariupol, Popasna, Rubizhne, Kharkiv, and other Ukrainian cities as the results of hatred and cultivated policies of Russia's expansion, with the manipulative use of history to justify war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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