Tuesday, June 14, 2022

France’s Renault which owned 67.7% stake in Russian Avtovaz(Lada) has sold one to Russian government for 1 ruble

The cooperation(Russians had zero point nothing at the time - French gave Russians free robots/machines/ all the technology required for car production  to car engines etc.) between French Renault and Lada was signed in this room - city where branch of French Renault also is located, however, I NEVER EVER agreed for French to give Russians a freebies as seen.15 years latter. I used to own Lada Samara which was engine was developed by German Porsche and what had according to Elon Musk detrimental impact on one to become a car manufacturer(one of the first things he did when he arrived to Slovenia was testing cars I owned), but other than that never liked single Russian produced car - their cars with exception to Lada Samara were and are tasteless garbage for what I am concerned...the point is not about my liking or not Russian cars, but war which went on between myself and Russia since 1995 incident with Czech car manufacturer Škoda for which Russians demanded from Volkswagen to instead to have production in Russia - Russians hated Škoda next to incompetent Czech politicians and German business people/politicians, so I took initiative for the sake of Czechs to become nothing more than prime target of Russian KGB hatred since.

What bothers me about 1 rouble deal is that France evidently doesn't care about Ukraine(have rewarded Russia for war on one) and apparently have engaged in some sorts of shady deals with Russians also behind my back - while blaming me for own idiotic mistakes at Citroen and in some cases Renault(they begun to design worthless car chassis with poor interior), French were not as generous with other car manufacturing companies or I should say countries other than Russia what translates into some sort of  mental cluster on French side.... and I had to be guilty for French to receive FREE GERMAN UPGRADES from Audi/VW group(they did from engines to designed improvement)


@French - why didn't you instead helped Ukrainians with car manufacturing !!????

'Senseless' new Lada unveiled as Russia battles to beat sanctions

James Kilner
Sun, June 12, 2022, 11:34 AM

The Lada Granta Classic 2022 is built only from parts produced by Russia and its allies

Russia’s much anticipated new 'sanction-proof' Lada has been derided as a flashback to the USSR without any airbags, an anti-lock braking system, modern seat belts or satellite navigation.

The Lada Granta Classic 2022 was designed to use components only from Russia and its allies, but it also means it has no anti-emissions kit, with Russian car journalists reporting that the new car will only meet European pollution standards imposed in 1996.
The Lada Granta Classic 2022 has received mixed reviews in Russia

Online, reaction from Russian car-watchers has been mixed. Some stoic Russians said that the launch of the new Lada was an important step to breaking the West’s economic grip over Russia. Others cut a more downbeat note.

One commentator also said that the car release was a waste of time.

“It's time to stop the senseless attempts to release Granta and start producing something simpler. Freight scooters, if possible. Or shovels and pots,” said Vladislav Okrugin.

Produced by state-owned car manufacturer Avtovaz, The Lada Granta Classic 2022 is an attempt to kickstart production after Western sanctions flattened the Russian car sector and forced it to close its main production site in the city of Togliatti at the beginning of March.
Avtovaz has resumed car production after a three month hiatus

France’s Renault had owned a 67.7% stake in Avtovaz but after Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24 it sold this stake to a research unit linked to the Russian government for a symbolic 1 rouble.

Many of the parts used in Russia’s car industry had been imported and the sanctions meant that costs have soared, quality has dropped and the sprinkling of luxuries cut.

So, always a thrifty choice, the Lada brand has doubled down on its reputation for being value-for-money, a look that the Russian authorities have been keen to push as inflation climbs and the economy shrinks.
The basic interior of the Lada Granta Classic 2022 reflects the car's modest price point

Avtovaz said that the Lada Granta Classic 2022 will be the cheapest car on the Russian market, retailing at 675,900 roubles, which is around £9,500.

“Today, after a long stop, Avtovaz resumed car production,” said Maksim Sokolov, the new state-appointed head of Avtovaz. “We have to further produce the most popular and affordable cars of the Russian market, which do not depend on the imported components’ shortage.”

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