Monday, June 13, 2022

Mother which had COVID 19 testing kit wouldn't give me one when I complained her about most severe health related problems on May 31st nor on June 1st - she insisted on my going to 3rd party physician instead of calling for ambulance help

 Took completely inaccurate body temperature reading to claim me I have no temperature and tried to do same with blood pressure machines(DO NOT WORK PROPERLY AND WERE AFTERWARDS TESTED AND  REJECTED BY AMBULANCE WORKERS ALONE) to give wrong impression AS REQUIRED BY SLOVENIAN GOVERNMENT to third party physician.

Perhaps even crazier is fact that before ambulance arrived on June 1st, 2022, she had handy a proper medication as far as pain releaver and fever reducer which was/is used as #1 against COVID - prescribed afterwards by physicians also in hospital and ambulance....Slovenian government DELIBERATELY delayed ambulance assistance that morning for about two hours and third party physician who failed to call back never assumed possibility my having COVID 19 - she was willing to give some prescription related to common cold drugs without my even visiting one....if I did followed insane trap, I wouldn't have even proof about COVID. 

I barely swallowed hot water due to throat pain(entire neck was in terrible pain),  couldn't stand up much on feet, I had fever for days, very low blood pressure for days, chest full of mucus, I shivered... 

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