Thursday, June 9, 2022

Janez Janša, Bavčar and others didn't care about national citizen duties(about their obligation to which parliament - government they worked for tied them to), THEY CARED ABOUT ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE THROUGH MY CASE ON THE SIDE FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR OWN WELL FINANCIAL BEING

 They were sure s much about THE ABILITY TO WORK TOGETHER WITH THOSE WHOM THEY PUBLICLY POINTED FINGER IN BUT REPEATEDLY MET ON THE SIDE FOR TWO AND HALF DECADES THROUGHOUT MY CASE, that financial crime for own interests appealed to Janša/Bavčar etc. as the thing impossible for public to ever see/detect...Janša/Bavčar's certainty(guarantee from other side to not see one) for financial crime derived from point of view of my being relentlessly REJECTIVE/DISMISSIVE AND UNFORGIVING with what they presented world as their political brain of Janša/Bavčar/Kacin/ Rupel and others I was a dirty little secret who would continue to blame for it all on Kučan/ Pahor/ Fajon/ Danilo Turk/ Drnovšek/ Miran Potrč and others

regardless of case development and this would allow them at the negotiation table with their enemies for infinity a negotiation space in Slovenian political arena without ever being affected(no fear for prosecution in any way) in any was Bavčar, Kacin, Janša, Rupel, Oman, and other so called Slovenian pro independence politicians who grasped for crime against me far more than even other side which traditionally fought against Slovenian no wonder did Janša became even a doppelganger of mine as during my hospitalization, Janša triggered alarm throughout Europe about him being persecuted unjustly - Janez Janša either was and remain as the number one UDBA killer in history of Slovenian independence. Preferred murderous UDBA tool willing to work on both sides of the table(PREFERABLY - WHICHEVER WAY $$$$ WIND BLOWS AS REST DIDN'T AND DOESN'T MATTER ONE THAT MUCH). THESE HUMAN DRECKS(EXCREMENTS IN FORMS OF HUMAN BEINGS THAT CALLED THEMSELVES AS PRO INDEPENDENCE SLOVENES) CREATED SO MANY  PROBLEMS TO ME THAT THAT WORLD COMPLETELY REJECTED ME ON WHAT THEY ALONE BEGUN TO SEE THEMSELVES IN COMPLETELY REJECTING(Slovenian pro independence politicians caused more harm to me than all Serbs and Russian together) ME AS AS WELL TO INFACT TAKE INITIATIVE IN REJECTING ME AS FURTHER NEW NORMAL TO CAUSE ME HARM SO THEY ALONE WOULDN'T DIFFER FROM THE REST OF THE NORMAL WORLD...THIS WASN'T ABOUT ANY MORE ABOUT WHO IS WHAT, BUT WHO SEE HIMSELF IN WHOM RATHER THAN WHAT. THIS SLOVENIAN HUMAN EXCREMENTS CAUSED ME HARM BIG ENOUGH FOR ME TO EVEN BENT ON MY KNEES AT TIMES INFRONT OF GOLOBIČ, KRESAL, PAHOR AND OTHERS TO JET GET BYE DURING TORTURE SESSIONS RATHER THAN TO SMASH THEM OUT OF MY LIFE - KEEP THEM ON DISTANCE...

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