Saturday, June 25, 2022

Nice man whom I identified also as a servicer of whatever(1st visit to home for elderly) was not second individual who serviced hospital

 He reminded me of Novo mesto private company owner who serviced home for elderly prior to him, but I am here to say that way before the two it was a man from Raka or Zaloke area who serviced as first home for elderly people - he and I would get up at 0400am(they gave me to one 24/7 - was a MK Ultra staff member) and head to home for elderly in Novo mesto since 1996...this ORIGINAL FIRST MAN did work till 2000 or so on what director of home decided to stop contracts for about two years or so on what Novo mesto guy took over....they doubted me I could memorize something like this, but I DID. More audios with identified people coming.

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