Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Identified today - all involved in MK Ultra

--- Man from Mokrice(met me with his wife at the Novo mesto general hospital) with white VW Golf used to live in house either of his sister or wife relative - they had portion of the house till 2005 when he managed to complete his house...his son then completed his house in 2015/2017 next to father...he owned his VW Golf already in 2015(100% in 2017).

--- Dutch couple who met me in the city have a small house next to other smaller houses(Groningen, NL area), and two daughters of which none wanted to marry me - both are married already. They bought Fiat sleeper lately in 2017(perhaps even in 2015).

--- Elderly lady from Blue lagoon asked me to park her car on a parking spot due to heat and not that I insisted her with parking her car...she had me with Serbian chetnik psychiatrist Tatjana Prokšelj inside of her apartment in Blue Lagoon and have also heavily lobbied for mentioned psychiatrist under MK Ultra. This lady drives car very little as was told already in 2018, her friends try to limit her driving due to safety reasons as much as possible. They would even park car for her and let her drive car only if non demanding driving is involved.

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