Friday, June 10, 2022

How the British satanism work its way throughout world !!?????

 They are ALWAYS(100% OF THE TIME) in search of hard working people or strong political options withing particular political systems...

These hard working people just as political options with strong support of natives, present for Anglo Saxons an opportunity for $$$$$$....whether that be opportunity to earn money through murdering individual or destroying supported political option makes no difference to them...once people and/or such political currents are detected WITHING TARGETED POLITICAL SYSTEM(country), they tend to establish connection with opposite party with whom they negotiate picture(trade interests) which in the future will void existence of hard working prosperous individuals and/or certain national political current which majority of natives embrace....anywhere from straight killing of prosperous hard working individuals to undermining their abilities to 

meet market demands(could be via competition or market requirements) and creating Ukrainian war-fields of death alike conditions if necessary to prove their point of view infront of those who ust accented to them values of their homelands....I have seen here stated time and again - one look at the prince Andrew's own marriage through which criminal demonstrated the ability to destroy his partners's whereabouts on another continent another country(to prove her the point on how she just can't do any better in her life on her own) should confirm these people exist to plague world with problems since its early beginnings.

I wouldn't allow scum to even vacation in my country. There were quite a few countries who had problem accepting them as tourists...well, its expensive to maintain safety of such high ranking terrorists on the first place and the biggest problem of them all are intentions they bring along - they brought along nothing but problems. From free sighting in Crimea till just 15 years ago to entire Ukraine in flames. These tourists wherever they go are tourists from hell....their promising at the beginnings Dollars/Pounds very often turn into a future currencies of bad luck/death and devastation.


People search for satanism in a variety of lies produced by these charlatans alone - from claims about their eating children during human rituals to all sorts of insane stories they DELIBERATELY wash internet on daily bases with via Facebook or whatever approved social networking platforms used to disseminate lies, but this is a well planned part of the murderous strategy(they do so to hide written above - they don't want people to view world in realistic form as world is, but to instead imagination to handle one) that pertains to truth depicted above. They are so big they get away with murder you will say, nope - its what they do for living.

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